Voter Guides

The AAUW Action Fund voter guides provide nonpartisan information about candidate positions on issues that are key to the organization’s mission.

Candidates’ positions on the issues were determined using their voting records, public statements, campaign position papers, and information posted on the Internet from trusted sources. Campaigns were contacted via telephone and email. AAUW Action Fund voter guides are provided as a public service and are not intended to be an endorsement of any candidate or political party. No AAUW policy position is implied by the descriptions of these issues. See our complete member-endorsed Public Policy Program.

For more information about the process and principles behind the voter guides, read our blog post.

Position Primer

Support: Candidate has cosponsored or voted for this legislation, or has explicitly stated support on the record with no ambiguity
Oppose: Candidate voted against legislation or has explicitly stated opposition on the record with no ambiguity
Unknown: There’s been no explicit or compelling public position taken by the candidate.
Mixed: The candidate has given conflicting statements on the issue, or has taken a nuanced position.

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