Letter to the Editor Resource Guide

AAUW members have a long history of lobbying Congress and holding their legislators accountable for the votes they cast on our priority issues. The AAUW Action Fund Congressional Voting Record for the 117th Congress provides information and scores each elected federal legislator on the votes they cast and bills they cosponsored on issues that are critical to AAUW’s mission. These priorities range from economic security, to education, and civil rights. 

See where your elected official stands on issues important to women and their families. Then, write a Letter to the Editor (LTE) to help educate the community about the information in the Congressional Voting Record (CVR) and mobilize voters on issues impacting women and girls!

Letter to the editor can be a powerful accountability tool for influencing public opinion and legislators’ views. They are also one of the most widely-read sections of the newspaper and can reach a large audience. With election season in full swing, information about how legislators have acted on issues effecting women’s equity is certainly newsworthy!

To write an effective letter to the editor, locate your Members of Congress in the Congressional Voting Record and consider the following talking points based on their scores: 

  • If your Member of Congress received a perfect score: Congratulate the Member on their score and thank them for their commitment to working on behalf of women and families. Consider educating readers on other AAUW public policy priorities and encourage everyone to continue working with us to find legislative solutions.
  • If your Member of Congress received a mixed result: Identify the issues where the Member voted contrary to AAUW’s position. Consider utilizing the AAUW Action Fund’s Voter Issue Guide to bolster your argument on why legislators should stand with AAUW.
  • If your Member of Congress scored a 0: There’s clearly some work to be done. Speak out in support of the issues covered in the Congressional Voting Record to help educate the public and your Member of Congress about how important they are in the real lives of women. Also consider engaging the Member in a discussion by requesting a meeting to discuss legislative solution.

When preparing your LTE for prime time, it’s always important to remember these key tips. Elected officials want to hear from constituents in their own words, and we’ve provided you with best practices for publishing your LTE.

No matter how your member of Congress scored in the Congressional Voting Record, all voters can benefit from learning more about the resource and taking it with them to the polls. We must hold our federal legislators accountable for their actions. It’s time we continue to elevate a conversation on issues effecting women and families.