AAUW Action Fund Congressional Voting Record

How Do Your Senators and Representatives Vote?

The AAUW Action Fund Congressional Voting Record (CVR) provides information about elected federal legislators through the votes they cast on issues that are critical to the Action Fund’s mission.

The CVR provides information about senators’ and representatives’ co-sponsorship and votes. Each legislator is scored based on their record on AAUW priorities, which were decided on the basis of the AAUW Public Policy Priorities, adopted by AAUW members. These priorities include equal pay, education, campus sexual assault, campaign finance, human trafficking, and reproductive rights. The CVR is distributed to every member of Congress.

Find out how your elected officials scored!

Please note: the next Congressional Voting Record will be compiled when the 117th Congress term ends in fall of 2022.

Download the Congressional Voting Record for the 116th Congress.

Using the Voting Record

AAUW members and supporters have a long history of lobbying Congress and holding legislators accountable for how they vote. Use the CVR to advocate for AAUW’s priority issues by

  • Referring to information in the voting record during community issue forumscandidate debates, or at town hall meetings held by your members of Congress
  • Writing letters to the editor (LTEs), blog posts, or op-eds about a legislator’s position on AAUW’s priority issues. Our LTE and op-ed resource guide provides sample talking points for an effective letter.
  • Distributing copies during local voter education events
  • Sharing the guide with coalition partners, friends, family, and prospective AAUW members. Don’t forget to tag your posts on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media forums using #ItsMyVote

CVR Archive

Download a copy of past voting records:

The voting records are neither endorsements nor a condemnations of any member of Congress. They reflect only roll call votes officially recorded on the floor of the U.S. Senate or House of Representatives. For more information, please contact the AAUW Action Fund at 202.785.7793 or VoterEd@aauw.org.