#ItsMyVote: How to Get Out the Vote Using Social Media

Social media has proven to be a great tool for sharing your message with diverse audiences across multiple platforms. With a well-crafted tweet or Facebook post, you can raise awareness about AAUW issues and spotlight your voter engagement efforts.

Watch the Social Media Advocacy 101 webinar to learn how to craft a successful social media campaign that gets women registered to vote and ready for the election in November!

Questions about social media advocacy? Email us at VoterEd@aauw.org. We’re here to help!

The Basics

  1. Use the right hashtags. Include relevant hashtags like #ItsMyVote and #Election2024 in all your social media posts for greater visibility. Take it a step further and localize your hashtag — many states, counties, and districts have their own election-related hashtags (for example, maybe it’s #IowaVotes or #DCVotes). Research which election-related hashtags are popular in your area so that you can be a part of the existing conversation.
  2. Use photos. Tweets with photos perform five times better than those without, and good photos are priceless on all social media platforms. Use photos from a past event or recent virtual event to promote your upcoming voter registration event or candidate forum. Be sure to send us your photos so that we can help celebrate your efforts. Email us at VoterEd@aauw.org.
  3. Tag @AAUWActionFund! We want to help publicize your work! When posting about election-related efforts, make sure to tag the AAUW Action Fund. We look forward to sharing your content and recognizing your hard work. Make sure to follow AAUW on the following social platforms:
    Facebook: AAUW and AAUW Action Fund
    Twitter: @AAUW and @AAUWActionFund
    Instagram: @AAUWnational

Sample Tweets for Election Season

Twitter can be an effective way to share AAUW’s resources to educate and encourage eligible voters. Copy and paste the sample tweets below, and add the relevant handles and hashtags where necessary.

To get voter registered & ready

[Insert number] days ’til #ElectionDay! Have you made a plan to vote yet? #ItsMyVote #Election2024 @AAUW @AAUWActionFund https://www.aauwaction.org/voter-education/

Friends don’t let friends be disenfranchised! Have you checked your voter registration status this year? https://www.aauwaction.org/voter-education/ #ItsMyVote #Election2024 @AAUW @AAUWActionFund

Your vote is your voice! Make sure you’re registered: https://www.aauwaction.org/voter-education/ #ItsMyVote #Election2024 @AAUW @AAUWActionFund

Here’s everything you need to be ready for #ElectionDay2024:  www.aauwaction.org/my-vote/ #ItsMyVote @AAUW @AAUWActionFund

To get candidates talking about our issues:

Hey @[insert candidate’s Twitter handle]: Where do you stand on #EqualPay & closing the gender #PayGap? #Election2024 #ItsMyVote @AAUWActionFund

Hey [@insert candidate’s Twitter handle]: How will you stand up for #TitleIX & ensure campus safety for ALL students? #HigherEd #Election2024 #ItsMyVote @AAUWActionFund

Hey @[insert candidate’s Twitter handle]: We want to hear about #PaidLeave for women & families! #Election2024 #ItsMyVote @AAUWActionFund

Hey @[insert candidate’s Twitter handle]: We want to hear about the Equal Rights Amendment! Time to #RatifyERA! #Election2024 #ItsMyVote @AAUWActionFund

Hey @[insert candidate’s Twitter handle]: What will you do to expand opportunity for women & girls? #Election2024 #ItsMyVote @AAUWActionFund

Share AAUW’s Voter Engagement Images

Our shareable images are a fun and easy way to increase engagement and traffic to your account. Include one in your Facebook post or tweet along with relevant messaging and hashtags.

Download images to share on social media.

Download our Facebook cover photo for your branch’s Facebook page.

Snap a Photo, Get Out the Vote!

Are you ready to get out the vote on campus or in your community? A photo campaign is one of the easiest and most creative ways you can spread the word about all of AAUW’s issues. It’s also a great way to recruit AAUW members and supporters. From equal pay to reproductive justice, there are lots of important topics to cover. Ask people to share what issues matter most to them and why they’re voting.

Don’t Forget

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Voter Guides

For pressing races across the country, the AAUW Action Fund voter guides provide nonpartisan information about candidates’ positions on issues like voter access, equal pay, education, campaign finance, and reproductive rights.

AAUW Voter Issue Guide

Get concise information about key policy issues to help you prepare for the election and educate voters.

Snap a Photo, Motivate Voters!

A photo campaign is one of the easiest and most creative ways you can spread the word about all of AAUW’s issues– and is safe action for virtual engagement!