Women Voters: The Crucial Component to a Winning Campaign

November 8 is fast approaching and candidates need to recognize they need women’s voted in order to win office. But first they have to talk about the issues impacting women! Read more »

Blog   |   October 12, 2016

You Can Use Social Media to Get Out the Vote

Did you know that social media can be used to bolster your get-out-the-vote efforts? Research shows that election-related messages on social media have significantly influenced voting behavior and increased voter turnout. Read more »

Blog   |   October 07, 2016

Arizona’s State Legislative Voting Record

AAUW of Arizona recently created their own voting record for the Arizona Legislature. AAUW of Arizona’s resource provides information about votes cast on bills that address education, women’s access to health care, and gender pay equity. Read more »

Blog   |   October 07, 2016