Policy Insights: 2020

The AAUW Action Fund’s Policy Insights series offers a unique perspective into the issues at stake in this critical election. Take a compassionate look at the ways real people are interacting with today’s most pressing problems, then dive into a clear analysis of where the 2020 presidential candidates stand on those matters. With so much at stake in this election it is imperative that we understand how different policy actions and proposals will affect our lives.

Image of graduation cap and stack of money on top of a diploma.

When a Choice Isn’t a Choice: Latinas and Student Debt

Latinas are drowning in student debt. And they are scared.

Photo of flowers and signs in front of US Supreme Court honoring Justice Ginsburg.

Our Vote, Our Voice: Honoring the Legacy of RBG

Justice Ginsburg wrote that the fight against voter discrimination “resembled battling the Hydra. Whenever one form of voting discrimination was identified and prohibited, others sprang up in its place.”

Photograph of hand-drawn thank you signs for school cafeteria workers from students.

Essential Workers Require Our Essential Care

Since the onset of the pandemic, millions of women have become the most essential workers we see and need, and on whose backs our country remains afloat.

Photo of a teacher's desk with colored pencils, apple, notebook, pencil, and surgical mask with blackboard in background.

Back to School: Set Up for Failure

The traditional “back to school” frenzy has been replaced by parents making difficult choices about our students. There is no one right answer, but our elected officials are currently failing our children.