AAUW’s View from the Conventions

Because we are a nonpartisan organization, AAUW has long had a presence at both political parties’ nominating conventions, and this year was no different. Vice President of Government Relations Lisa Maatz attended both the Republican National Convention in Cleveland and the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. While on the ground, Maatz met with members and supporters of AAUW, who received It’s My Vote buttons, stickers, and temporary tattoos to wear and share. You can get your own by filling out our materials request form.

If you follow @AAUWActionFund on Twitter, you probably saw us live-tweeting major speeches from both conventions. Missed out on the fun? You can still catch up on our RNC coverage and our DNC coverage. Make sure to share your get-out-the-vote efforts with us throughout the election season using the hashtag #ItsMyVote!


Posted August 05, 2016