Getting Out the Vote

My Vote_vertical_logoJust like in 2012, our It’s My Vote: I Will Be Heard campaign is in full gear with a nationwide effort to register voters and to urge young women to vote in the 2014 midterm elections. Young women are less likely to vote in midterm elections, and with so many critical issues at stake, we can’t afford for them to stay home. Get involved with the campaign.

Equal Pay Day Marked with Action Nationwide

lilly and anneNot only did AAUW members do great work on Equal Pay Day again this year, but we also had good news to celebrate for once! President Barack Obama signed two executive orders on Equal Pay Day, both aimed at closing the gender pay gap. AAUW joined the president and Lilly Ledbetter at the White House for this historic day. Meanwhile, AAUW members across the country were busy holding equal pay activities in more than 40 states, including lobbying efforts in Missouri and Louisiana, a rally in Illinois, and gubernatorial Equal Pay Day proclamations in Virginia and Nevada. What did you do for Equal Pay Day? Let us know.

Learn More About Lobby Corps

LobbyCorps_102711Once a week, volunteer members and college student interns give the AAUW Action Fund a voice and a face on Capitol Hill. No experience is necessary to join Lobby Corps, and comprehensive training is provided. E-mail to sign up.